Digital Parent Podcast Interviews Julie Fisher

  • thesocialu
  • February 16, 2017
Digital Parent Podcast

Julie Fisher, Sed Lewis, & the Digital Parent Podcast

Listen to our founder, Julie Fisher, speak with Sed Lewis about social media, teens, and the college admissions process on the Digital Parent Podcast.

The Digital Parent Podcast is hosted by Sedgrid Lewis, an internet safety expert and blogger. He holds a Masters in Criminology specializing in Internet Crimes. Sedgrid specializes in social media and tech related crimes committed by juveniles. Sedgrid has been covered by Fox News, CBS News, NBC News, Readwrite, Gizmodo, and many more. You can follow Sedgrid on Twitter @spyparent.

You can listen to the episode via Soundcloud (below) or via iTunes or STITCHER (be sure to subscribe).

In this Episode, You Will Learn:

  • How to use Social U Free Software to Audit Social Media Sites
  • How to Impress College Admission Officers with A Social GPA
  • How Admission Officers use Social U GPA to Advocate for Scholarships
  • Top 9 Rules for Social Media