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Julie Fisher, M.Ed. President/CEO of BBFA (Building Better Families through Action), Founder of The Social U

In the spring of 2014, Julie Fisher stood before a group of talented Detroit high school athletes who looked to make the athletic leap to collegiate sports. She spoke to them about the importance of being smart on social media. An interaction with one young man sparked the idea for The Social U. A checkered online presence defined his personal brand – and he wasn’t sure what to do about it. The answer wasn’t a simple one.

As an educator and sought-after speaker, Julie has spoken on a wide variety of topics including: The Social Lives of Teens, Drug and Alcohol Usage in Teens, Teen Stress, Boundaries for Parents of Teens, Preventing Bullying, Internet Safety and more. Yet – during all her talks on social media and protecting online reputations – she was unable to point parents, students, teachers and administrators to a trusted resource to help them find their way in the shifting social media landscape. So, Julie created one.

Julie founded The Social U to give students and their families the tools, insights and expertise they need to manage their online presence and prepare for the rigors of the college admissions process.

As a parent of social natives, she understands the unique challenges that analog parents face in raising digital teens. After years of answering questions, reassuring parents and guiding students – Julie is thrilled to reach further to help every student be their online best.

“We can’t fault our kids for making social media mistakes – in fact, some of the best learned lessons come from making mistakes. We can however, educate ourselves and our children about how to safely use social media so those mistakes don’t turn into unfortunate consequences that can derail our kids’ future plans.”

– Julie Fisher, Founder of The Social U

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