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Today’s teens are networked teens. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr…these are more than social hangouts. They are part of the new social strata. And, just like in any other setting, teens will be judged for what they say, what they do and who they connect with online.

The Social U was created to arm students and their families with tools, insights and expertise to safeguard their personal brand as they pursue college, scholarships, jobs and life opportunities.

There has never been a better time for students to take control of their online reputation. Roughly 50% of college admissions officers admit to looking at a prospective student’s social profiles to gain deeper insights on character. Why? Colleges have their own brands to protect and reputations to build.

At The Social U, our mission is to give students a competitive edge. Our proprietary software engine reads and interprets your online data giving you insights on how you’re perceived. Our scoring methodology fuels your unique free Social U Report Card which gives you complete visibility into your online presence – the words, images, tags and sentiments that define your online character.

The Social U helps you present your best U.

79% of college admissions officers report that quality of character is important in applicants. 50% report that either they or someone in their office search applicants online.

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