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Attend one of Julie Fisher's presentations to learn more about social media and the impact it is having on society today.

Julie Fisher is the founder of The Social U, a seasoned educator and a sought-after keynote speaker. She gives more than 100 talks every year on a wide range of topics to parents, students, school staff and administrators. From Internet Safety, Teen Stress, Bullying, to Competitive Parenting, Julie is a recognized authority within parenting and education circles on helping students and their families manage 21st century teen and parenting issues.

Today, Julie is in demand to talk about the subject atop every parent’s mind: Student Social Media Safety. There is no better speaker on the subject. As a teacher, Julie watched teens embrace social media, even when they weren’t sure how to navigate it. As a speaker, she heard directly from parents struggling to understand the new social dynamic.

Julie is also president and CEO of the non-profit organization Building Better Families through Action (BBFA). Since 2007, she has been educating parents, students and the community about preventing destructive behaviors in kids and teens.

Julie Fisher’s Social U Talks can be booked for any school, parent, educator or community group. We have a variety of programs available to fit your needs.

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“Social media is here to stay. Instead of prohibiting our kids from using it altogether, we should be teaching them how to use it safely and appropriately so their social interactions online enhance their lives and don’t lead to future problems.”

– Julie Fisher, Founder of The Social U

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