Grading Methodology

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First impressions leave lasting impressions. Your social media profiles give admissions officers and employers a deeper look at your character. Be confident that you’re presenting your best you.

Our cutting-edge technology suite, including IBM’s Watson, goes beyond just a numerical calculation with your Social GPA™. The Social U provides you with a full set of FREE tools to attack your social media mistakes, including grades for each of your social network accounts, scores for every high-risk post, a First Impression score, and your Exposure Risk – all summarized in your Social Media Report Card.

You work hard on your grades, athletics, extracurriculars, and community service. Don’t be the last to know if you have a problem with your online reputation. The Social U helps you take control of your social media profiles for free to prevent decision-makers from ever seeing your social media mistakes.

“Today’s kids are practically born with a smartphone in hand. Pair this with imperfect decision making and social media mistakes are bound to happen.”

– Julie Fisher, Founder of The Social U

Social GPA

Your Social Report Card features your Social GPA, an average of your social media profile grades that is also weighted by First Impression and Exposure Risk scores. Your Social GPA is a reflection of how you’re perceived online by admissions officers and employers.


Social Network Grade

The Social U helps you understand how your online reputation is perceived on each major social media site. In school, you get a report card grade for every class you take. The Social U gives you the same benefit of being able to see which sites need additional attention.


Post Score

Online reputations are built one post at a time. The Social U evaluates each post in your linked profiles. If our system perceives high-risk content, the post is tagged and scored. You’ll learn why and what to do about it, and have full access to our guidance resources.


First Impression

Does your online presence leave a positive first impression or a negative one? The Social U evaluates your social media profiles to optimize and control the first impression you make online.


Exposure Risk

What happens if you choose to do nothing about your social media mistakes? Is there risk? The Social U tells you, giving you insight and data to help you determine whether or not action is necessary.


Time to see where you stand

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